IVF Success Rates

The Reproductive Medicine Associates of Texas (RMA-TX) belongs to the well-known RMA Network of In-Vitro Fertilizations centers all throughout the United States. RMA, which is nationally recognized for high success IVF rates, attributes their success to the dedication of their physicians and laboratory teams, individualized IVF protocols, lab conditions and techniques, and their breakthrough technologies.

*A comparison of clinic success rates may not be pertinent information due to patient medical characteristics, treatment approaches, and entrance criteria varying from clinic to clinic.

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  • RMA of Texas advocates for single embryo blastocyst transfers to reduce the risk of multiples. RMA recognizes that the health and safety of mother and baby are the most important aspect of the practice.
  • RMA’s IVF program doesn’t follow strict follicle stimulation hormone (FSH) cut-off valves so as to give the mother the chance to conceive using their own eggs. For more information, contact our clinic today.